Winterpalais - John III Sobieski: A Polish King in Vienna

The Polish King John III Sobieski (1629–1696) will be in the focus of an exhibition the Belvedere is jointly organising for summer/autumn 2017 with four important Polish residences. With this exhibition, Poland’s royal residences and the Belvedere seek to jointly pay tribute to this Polish monarch, who played such an important role in Vienna’s past. Various categories of exhibits – paintings, jewellery, decorative art objects, militaria, and memorabilia – are meant to draw a comprehensive and vivid picture of the personality of John III Sobieski for the Viennese public.
Until November 1, 2017

Exhibition view. Photo: Sandro Zanzinger. Copyright: Belvedere, Vienna
Address: Himmelpfortgasse 8, 1010 Wien
(see map below)
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