Upper Belvedere - Ines Doujak. Hera

The ancient goddess Hera is commonly known as the wife of Zeus, guardian of hearth and family, as well as a betrayed spouse. At the Upper Belvedere, however, she will be observed from another point of view. She grants the viewer a glimpse into an intimate, human moment. Hera by Ines Doujak represents the first in a series of positions that will accompany the collection’s revival in the Upper Belvedere starting in 2018. These works will be shown on the ground floor of the Carlone Hall and will play off the mythological frescoes within the space. In a six-month rotation format, artists will develop their perspectives in harmony with the frescoed hall’s Baroque aesthetic, bridging the world of gods like Apollo and Diana from antiquity with the present day.

Start date: March 2, 2018
End date: September 23, 2018
Address: Rennweg 6A, 1030 Wien
(see map below)
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