Leopold Museum - Vienna 1900! Klimt - Moser - Gerstl - Kokoschka

The Leopold Museum is home to the largest and most eminent collection of works by Egon Schiele as well as to an equally unparalleled compilation of masterpieces from Viennese art around 1900. Celebrating the anniversary year on the theme of Viennese Modernism, the museum will present select works by the main exponents of Viennese Jugendstil Gustav Klimt (1862–1918) and Koloman Moser (1868–1918) as well as by the ground-breaking Expressionists Richard Gerstl (1883–1908) and Oskar Kokoschka (1886–1980) from 18th January in a completely new juxtaposition.
GUSTAV KLIMT, Death and Life, 1910/11, reworked 1915/16 © Leopold Museum, Vienna
Richard Gerstl, Semi-Nude Self-Portrait, 1904/05 © Leopold Museum, Wien
KOLOMAN MOSER, Lovers, c. 1914 © Leopold, Private Collection, Photo: Leopold Museum, Vienna
OSKAR KOKOSCHKA, Self-Portrait, One Hand Touching the Face, 1918/19 © Leopold Museum, Vienna | Photo: Leopold Museum, Wien © Fondation Oskar Kokoschka © Bildrecht, Wien, 2017

Start date: January 18, 2018
End date: June 10, 2018
Address: Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien
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