11 European museums and galleries starring in Woody Allen films

Woody Allen, an auter famous for his New York-based scenarios, was universally cheered for his recent choice to film several important movies in the European continent. In seven films (excluding the recent ones, Magic in the moonlight, set in Northern France and Blue Jasmine and Irrational Man, filmed in the States) Woody chose London, Paris, Rome, Venice and Barcelona as a backdrop to his, always fascinating, stories. 11 major European art museums and galleries and several artworks displayed in them, appear in those films, enriching the plot and adding beauty and class to the WoodyAllenesque magic.
1 - Saatchi Gallery, London
In Matchpoint, Chloe (Emily Mortimer) offers herself as a guide to an art gallery so she takes Chris (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) to the Saatchi Gallery which was still in the old venue at the County Hall.
Match Point ⓒ Dreamworks Pictures

2 - Tate Modern, London
In Matchpoint, Chris (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) meets Nola (Scarlett Johansson) by chance in one of the Tate Modern halls.
The Turbine Hall, Tate Modern. Photographer: Hans Peter Schaefer

3 - Scuola Grande di San Rocco, Venice
In Everyone says I Love you, Von Sidell (Julia Roberts) is supposed to have a passion for Tintoretto and visits Venice to see the Tintoretto works in the Scuola di San Marco. However this is not accurate as the (three) paintings are not there anymore; two of them are exhibited in the Galleria dell’ Academia, Venice and one in Brera Gallery, Milan. When Julia Roberts visits the museum we see her in front of Tintoretto’s Crucifixion which is in Scuola Grande di San Rocco.
Venice Grand Canal Rialto Bridge 2012  by chensiyuan - chensiyuan. Licensed under Creative Commons

4 - Míro Museum, Barcelona
In Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Míro Museum, the Sagrada Familia and La Pedrera are briefly appearing in the film as a part of Vicky and Christina’s (Rebecca Hall and Scarlett Johansson) sightseeing around Barcelona. The two characters can be seen admiring a sculpture by Joan Míro which stands in the patio of the Míro Museum.
The Weinstein Company's Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008). Photo Credit by Victor Bello.

5 - Antoni Tapies Foundation, Barcelona
In Vicky Cristina Barcelona, the two ladies attend the opening of an art gallery which is in fact the Antoni Tapies Foundation. Later in the film, they have a drink at Els Quatre Gats which is the place of the first ever exhibition of Picasso.
Antoni Tàpies Foundation. Courtesy of Fundació Antoni Tàpies.

6 - Capitoline Museums, Rome 
In the very first scene of To Rome with love we can see Complesso Vittoriano and the Palazzo Venezia as a backdrop, while the traffic man speaks. Seconds later we see Michelangelo (Flavio Parenti) walking down the Cordonata Staircase which leads to the Capitoline Museums. The museums are featured later on when Jack (Jesse Eisenberg) shows Monica (Ellen Page) the architecture of the Piazza between the Capitoline Museums, designed by Michelangelo Buonarotti in 1536.
Complesso Vittoriano, view from the Capitoline Museums. Photo: cityartnow
7 - Ara Pacis Museum, Rome 
In To Rome with love Leopoldo Pisanelo (Roberto Benigni) attends a fashion show happening inside the museum which houses the altar dedicated to peace (Pax) built between 13 and 9 B.C
Ara Pacis Augustae, Altar of Augustan Peace. Photographer: Manfred Heyde.
8 - Claude Monet’s house, Giverny 
The opening scene of Midnight in Paris, with Gil (Owen Wilson) and Inez (Rachel Mc Adams) standing on a picturesque small bridge, is shot at Claude Monet's estate in Giverny, now housing the Claude Monet Foundation and a beautiful museum of the artist.
"Midnight in Paris" di Baris - Trailer del film. Tramite Wikipedia.
9 - Rodin Museum, Paris
In Midnight in Paris, the four sightseeing characters (Gil, Inez, Paul, Carol) meet a Rodin museum guide (Carla Bruni) and discuss Rodin’s relationship with Rose Beuret.
Rodin Museum © Paris Tourist Office - Photographer: Marc Bertrand

10 - Musee d’ Orangerie, Paris
A scene of Midnight in Paris is shot in the ground floor of the museum in front of the famous paintings of the Nymphéas cycle by Claude Monet.
Orangery Museum © Paris Tourist Office - Photographer: Marc Bertrand
11 - Orsay Museum, Paris
In Midnight in Paris, Gil (Owen Wilson) corrects know-it-all Paul (Michael Sheen) on a Picasso painting depicting Adriana (Marion Cottillard) who he actually have met the previous night (in his time-travelling night-out). The poster of the film has elements of Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’, belonging to the Orsay collection.
Orsay Museum at night © Paris Tourist Office - Photographer: Marc Bertrand
Bonus: In Midnight in Paris, Owen Wilson, travelling to the past, actually meets Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. Now isn’t that an art treat!

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