This week in Paris: Rubens, Derain and (yeah) Yves Saint laurent

October can be a very frustrating month for the art-loving traveler! While the biggest museums in Europe present their most compelling exhibitions trying to kick-off the new season with the next grand talk-of-the-town spectacle you are trying to update your visit-list having the buzz of several exhibitions openings and already running shows! Exciting but still, a headache! Well, don't worry! That’s why we are here for! Here is this week's openings and art news for your eyes only!
© Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris
If your visiting destination is Paris, you’ll have a very busy schedule ahead for the coming week! First of all, for the fashion aficionados, the day of the opening of the new Yves Saint Laurent Museum is here! The long-awaited exhibition space dedicated to the great couturier opens its doors with a unique retrospective display of Yves Saint Laurent’s work, presented on the legendary premises of the former haute couture house in Avenue Marceau! The inaugural display will cover all the major themes in the maitre’s work as well as his various tributes to art (yes, the Mondrian dress will be exhibited) and the cultures of exotic places (China, India, Russia).

Furthermore, in the charming Marais district, the renovated Carnavalet Museum invites you to experience the history and culture of the City of Paris through its amazing collections of art, decorative objects, furniture and photographs!
Rubens. Royal portraits exhibition © Luxembourg Museum
“Rubens. Royal portraits” exhibition at the Luxembourg Museum presents the portraiture skills of Rubens, the most famous painter of his time who under the patronage of Marie de’ Medici (the Queen who built the Luxembourg Palace, located next to the Museum) worked in every major centre of art, usually for several of Marie’s (numerous) relatives. Portraits by the same royals by Rubens’ professional rivals such as Velázquez, Van Dyck etc are also exhibited, revealing Rubens’ excellence and individual style!
Pompidou Centre sheds light to André Derain and his involvement with the most radical avant-garde movements is the first years of the century. Derain, a major artist of the 20th century, is widely known as the founder of Fauvism (along with his friend, Henri Matisse) although his earlier experimentations with various media and styles are not as well-known as his later work! The exhibition presents around 70 paintings, a large number of works on paper, sculptures and some 50 photographs, as well as Maori and African sculptures and ceramics.
André Derain (1880 - 1954), Les Quais de la Tamise, 1906 - 1907. Huile sur toile, 81 x 100 cm. © Adagp, Paris
Andres Serrano, the American photographer and artist widely-known for his “Piss Christ” photographic artwork, is invited by the Petit Palais to present his work among the permanent collections! Serrano, an artist who draws inspiration from the Renaissance and Caravaggio as well as the masters of modern art, is constantly interested in the comparisons between the ancient and contemporary. (Admission to the exhibition is free!)
Andres Serrano, Octopus Head (Early Works), 1985 © Andres Serrano, Courtesy de l’artiste et Galerie Nathalie Obadia Paris / Bruxelles

October 2
Carnavalet Museum - Renovation of the Carnavalet Museum
October 3
Yves Saint Laurent Museum Paris - Inaugural Display / Until September 9, 2018
October 4
Luxemburg Museum - Rubens. Royal portraits / Until January 14, 2018
Pompidou Centre - André Derain 1904 – 1914 / Until January 29, 2018
October 6
Pompidou Centre - Harmony Corine / Until November 5, 2018
October 7
Petit Palais - Andres Serrano / Until January 14, 2018

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