3 art exhibitions to see when you visit Barcelona

If Barcelona is the city of your choice for your autumn city-break, here are three art exhibitions you have to see during your stay in the charming capital of Catalonia.
Picasso Museum - Picasso in Barcelona

The exhibition documents Pablo Picasso’s return to Barcelona in 1917 after many years in Paris, a city then at war. Picasso was able to work freely, searching for new forms of expression. This was a moment of stylistic transition in Picasso’s œuvre that would continue in the following years. Until January 28, 2018
© Fundació Museu Picasso, Barcelona
MAPFRE Foundation Casa Garriga Nogues - Hell According to Rodin

Explore the art of Auguste Rodin in an exhibition which focuses on Rodin’s monumental “Gates of Hell”! A hundred sculptures and around thirty drawings, that have only been shown on rare occasions, are brought together to give an insight into the creative process of the sculptor and the significance of the Gates over the years. Until January 21, 2018
Le Penseur, sur élément de chapiteau, 1881-1888 (detalle). Musée Rodin, París. S.03469 © agence photographique du musee Rodin - Pauline Hisbacq
MNAC - Ramon Pichot. From Els Quatre Gats to La Maison Rose

Discover the work of Ramon Pichot (Barcelona, 1871 - Paris, 1925), a Catalan artist who had worked in Barcelona with Ramon Casas  and Isidre Nonell. Pichot moved to Paris and lived in the Bohemian and artistic environment of Montmartre,  the epicentre of international art of the time and was surrounded by notable figures from the Parisian cultural world such as Pablo Picasso or Guillaume Apollinaire. Until January 21, 2018
Ramon Pichot, Germaine, c.1900. Artur Ramon Collection


Picasso Museum / Address: Carrer Montcada, 15-23, 08003 / website
MAPFRE Foundation Casa Garriga Nogues / Address: Diputació, 250, 08007 / website
M.N.A.C. / Address: Palau Nacional, Parc de Montjuïc, s/n, 08038 / website

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