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César, one of the most renowned artists of his age and one of the most misunderstood, passed away twenty years ago. He had become famous at the age of 25 when after having come up to Paris in 1944 he developed his welded iron sculpture technique. Misunderstood too, for the loquacity and confidence he affected in public hid a permanent dissatisfaction with the works that won him success.
paris_pompidou_cezar_Chauve Souris, 1954.jpg
paris_pompidou_cezar_Esturgeon, 1954 (2).jpg
paris_pompidou_cezar_Esturgeon, 1954 (1).jpg
paris_pompidou_cezar_Coque Vallelunga n°1, 1986.jpg
paris_pompidou_cezar_Compression Ricard, 1962 (2).jpg
paris_pompidou_cezar_Compression Ricard, 1962 (1).jpg
paris_pompidou_cezar_Expansion n°14, 1970.jpg
paris_pompidou_cezar_Bas Relief, 1961.jpg

Start date: December 13, 2017
End date:
March 26, 2018
Address: Place Georges-Pompidou, 75004 Paris
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