Grand Palais - Artistes & Robots

This exhibition is an opportunity to experience works of art produced with the help of increasingly sophisticated robots.  Featuring works by some forty artists, it offers a gateway to an immersive and interactive digital world - an augmented body sensory experience that subverts our notions of space and time.

RAQUEL KOGAN, Reflexão #2, 2005, Installation interactive, logiciels customisés, miroirs et projection.
EDMOND COUCHOT / MICHEL BRET, Les Pissenlits, 1990-2017, Systèmes de projections variables © Edmond Couchot et Michel Bret
ORLAN, Orlanoïde, 2017 © ORLAN

Start date: April 5, 2018
End date: July 9, 2018
Address: 3 Avenue du Général Eisenhower, 75008 Paris
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