London Museums’ late openings

I bet you often find yourself in the mood for some after-work museum-visiting; a stroll through the Renaissance halls of the National Gallery or some peaceful moments in the Upper Halls of the British Museum to take the edge off of a stressful day!
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The main problem though is the limited time between the end of your work-day and the closing times of the museums. Indeed most museums and galleries are closing doors at around 18:00, making it impossible to visit even if you work next door but there are some institutions that can facilitate your art-needs during the last two working-week days (Thursday and Friday) and even on Saturdays, if your plans for a crazy bar-hopping Saturday night goes south!

So here is the list of London Museums’ late openings:

The Fashion & Textile Museum is open until 20:00.
The National Portrait Gallery is open until 21:00.
The Whitechapel Gallery is open until 21:00
ICA is open until 21:00

The British Museum stays open until 20:30.
The National Gallery is open until 21:00.
The National Portrait Gallery is open until 21:00.
Victoria & Albert Museum is open until 22:00
Tate Modern stays open until 22:00
The Royal Academy is open until 22:00


Tate Modern is open until 22:00
The Newport Street Gallery stays open until 22:00
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