From ancient to contemporary art : Your top-8 art exhibitions in Athens

By Daniel Stuart
It is actually amazing to see for yourself how warm the weather is this time of year in Athens! I was walking the center of the city just 2 days ago, wearing a very light jacket over a short-sleeved T-shirt and I was feeling great!
Athens is the ideal place to be this month and if you are an art lover you have the chance to see amazing new exhibitions in a city that rapidly becomes an important art destination mainly due to several new institutions such as the brand new National Museum of Contemporary Art, the Onassis Cultural Centre and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center!  Here are my 8 picks of exhibitions on view for the following two months!
1 - Urgent Conversations: Athens - Antwerp
National Museum of Contemporary Art / Until January 29, 2017
In 20 words: The first temporary exhibition of the new museum offers a dialogue between the collections of EMST and Antwerp-based M HKA.
Jef Geys, The Fallen Warning, 1985. Steel, dust color. 400 x 700 x 200 cm. Collection M HKA, Antwerp, BK5206_M19
2 - Yannis Moralis - Christos Kapralos: Friendship in Life and Art
Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center / Until December 18, 2016
In 20 words: A conversation between the works of painter Moralis and sculptor Kapralos, important artists of the mid-20th century and real-life friends.
Yannis Moralis (Arta 1916 - Athens 2009) Dialogue, 1974 Oil on canvas, 97,8 x 165,7 cm inv. no Π.5111
3 - Dodona. The oracle of sounds
Acropolis Museum / Until January 10, 2017
In 20 words: Wider knowledge about the oldest Greek oracle, its role and importance, while showcasing the human need to predict the future.
Bronze figurine of a young rider on his horse. 570-550 BC © Acropolis Museum
4 - The State Hermitage Museum. Gateway to history  
The Byzantine Museum / Until February 26, 2017
In 20 words: 80 objects and artworks from the Hermitage Museum St Petersburg dating from the 5th B.C. to the 20th century A.D.
Installlation view © Byzantine and Christian Museum
5 - Odysseys
National Archeaological Museum / Until October 2017
In 20 words: The adventurous journey of man through time considered from an abstract, symbolic perspective that draws inspiration from the Homeric Odyssey.
Second thematic axis ITHACAS – The unit of Death © NATIONAL ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM
6 - Hybrids: On the borderline between Art and Technology
Onassis Cultural Centre / Until January 15, 2017
In 20 words: Artworks, workshops and performances in a new fascinating media show which transcends the boundaries separating art from scientific research.
7 - The Departed
Frissiras Museum / Until December 31, 2016
In 20 words: An exhibition paying homage to 29 artists who are no longer alive by selecting works from the Museum’s collection.
Kessanlis Nikos, Untitled, mixed media, 180x180cm
8 - The Tellogleio Institute of Art Collection
Theocharakis Foundation / Until February 5, 2017
In 20 words: The exhibition presents an important private collection of Greek art, mostly from the last two centuries, belonging to Tellogleio Institute.
N. Eggonopoulos © Theocharakis Foundation

The Acropolis Museum is located right under the shadow of the Acropolis Archaeological Site (Acropolis Metro Station). The Frissiras Museum is a 10 min. walk from the Acropolis, right in the heart of Plaka region (map). Theocharakis Foundation is very close to the Houses of Parliament (Syntagma Metro Station) while the The Byzantine Museum is on the same avenue (Vass. Sofias) and you can reach the Museum either by foot (10-15 min) or by public transport (Evangelismos Metro Station). The National Archeaological Museum (map) is located at the north part of the city centre (Omonoia Metro Station). The remaining three museums are all on the Syngrou Avenue: the National Museum of Contemporary Art is the closest to the centre (Syngrou-Fix Metro Station), the Onassis Cultural Centre is further down the road (map) (a 3,5-euro-taxi ride from the Syngrou-Fix metro station) and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center is on the southern end of the avenue (map), almost by the sea (a 5-euro-taxi ride from the Syngrou-Fix metro station).


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