Stunning image gallery: KAWS and Bill Viola at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

The only one of its kind, Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP) is an international centre for modern and contemporary art, experienced and enjoyed by thousands of visitors every year. This season you got two more reasons to visit: exhibitions by world-famous American artistKAWS and video exhibition by the master of video art, Bill Viola. As if those names are not enough to make you plan a trip to West Bretton, here are some images from the two exhibitions!
This is the first UK museum exhibition of work by the renowned American artist KAWS, whose wide ranging practice includes painting, sculpture, graphic design, toys and prints. The expansive Longside Gallery features the artist’s large, bright, graphic canvases immaculately rendered in acrylic paint, alongside towering sculptures in fibreglass and wood. The historically designed landscape of YSP becomes home to a series of monumental and imposing sculptures in KAWS’s trademark style - nostalgic characters in the process of growing up.
KAWS, SMALL LIE (2013) courtesy the artist, YSP and Galerie Perrotin. Afromosia, H1000cm x W464cm x D427.2cm.
accomplice-2010-courtesy-the-artist-galerie-perrotin-and-ysp-fibreglass-and-rubberised-paint-305cm-x-121cm-x-91cm-photo-guillaume-ziccarelli-photo-guillaume-ziccarelli.jpg    companion-passing-through-2010-courtesy-the-artist-ysp-and-galerie-perrotin-collection-of-larry-warsh-fibreglass-metal-structure-paint-h48768cm-w2883cm-photo--jonty-wilde.jpg
Left: KAWS, ACCOMPLICE (2010). Courtesy the artist, Galerie Perrotin and YSP. Fibreglass and rubberised paint, 305cm x 121cm x 91cm. Photo © Jonty Wilde. Right: KAWS, COMPANION (PASSING THROUGH) (2010) courtesy the artist, YSP and Galerie Perrotin. Collection of Larry Warsh. Fibreglass, metal structure, paint. H487.68cm W288.3cm. Photo © Jonty Wilde
KAWS, CHUM (left), 2012. Courtesy the artist and YSP Acrylic on canvas over panel. H213cm x W173cm x D4.5cm. UPS AND DOWNS (right), 2012. Courtesy the artist and YSP Acrylic on canvas 10 parts, each part: H88.9cm x W58.4cm. Photos © Jonty Wilde.
clean-slate-foreground-.jpg   companion-resting-place-2013-courtesy-the-artist-and-ysp-painted-aluminium-h1537cm-x-w160cm-x-d2032-photo--jonty-wilde.jpg
Left: CLEAN SLATE (foreground), 2014 Courtesy the artist and YSP. Painted bronze H180cm x W98cm x D87cm. SURVIVAL MACHINE (background), 2015. Courtesy the artist and YSP Acrylic on canvas 5 parts, each part: H284.5cm x W233.7cm. Photos © Jonty Wilde. Right: KAWS, COMPANION (RESTING PLACE), 2013 Courtesy the artist and YSP Painted aluminium H153.7cm x W160cm x D203.2. Photo © Jonty Wilde.
KAWS, FINAL DAYS (2013). Wood, 602 x 534 x 395cm. Courtesy the artist and More Gallery. Photo © Jonty Wilde.
along-the-way-2013-wood-550-x-448-x-306cm-courtesy-the-artist-and-more-gallery-photo--jonty-wilde.jpg   at-this-time-detail-2013-wood-574-x-260-x-215-cm-courtesy-the-artist-and-more-gallery-photo--jonty-wilde.jpg
Left: ALONG THE WAY (2013). Wood, 550 x 448 x 306cm. Courtesy the artist and More Gallery. Photo © Jonty Wilde. Right: AT THIS TIME (detail) (2013). Wood, 574 x 260 x 215 cm. Courtesy the artist and More Gallery. Photo © Jonty Wilde.
Bill Viola

This autumn, Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP) presents a significant exhibition by pioneering American video and installation artist, Bill Viola. Developed in collaboration with Viola, Kira Perov, Executive Director, Bill Viola Studio and Clare Lilley, Director of Programme, YSP, it is the most extensive exhibition in the UK by the artist for over 10 years. The immersive exhibition in YSP’s Chapel and Underground Gallery features installations from the last 20 years of Viola’s career and premieres a new work, The Trial.
Bill Viola, The Dreamers (detail), 2013. Courtesy Bill Viola Studio and YSP. Photo © Jonty Wilde. Courtesy of YSP.
Bill Viola, Man Searching for Immortality / Woman Searching for Eternity, 2013. Courtesy Bill Viola Studio and YSP. Photo © Jonty Wilde. Courtesy of YSP.
fire-woman-2005--kira-perov-courtesy-bill-viola-studio.jpg  tristans-ascension-the-sound-of-a-mountain-under-a-waterfall-2005--kira-perov-courtesy-bill-viola-studio.jpg
Left: Fire Woman, 2005 © Kira Perov, courtesy Bill Viola Studio. Right: Tristan’s Ascension (The Sound of a Mountain Under a Waterfall), 2005 © Kira Perov, courtesy Bill Viola Studio. Courtesy of YSP.

The KAWS exhibition will be on view until June 12, 2016
The Bill Viola exhibition will be on view until April 10, 2016
Visit the Park:  West Bretton, Wakefield WF4 4LG
Visit the YSP website:
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