The Realists of Madrid are the subject of a Thyssen-Bornemisza exhibition this season

Editor's note: This post refers to the "Realists of Madrid" exhibition which was open until May 22, 2016
Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum presents an exhibition on a historic group of realist painters and sculptors who have lived and worked in Madrid: Amalia Avia, Francisco López, Julio López, María Moreno, Esperanza Parada, Isabel Quintanilla and Antonio López. The exhibition is structured in different sections. Each includes works by various artists with the aim of emphasising the points they have in common, both with regard to their choice of subjects and their way of approaching them, connections that are strengthened by the close relations that exist between them -personal, family and friendship- and by shared aspects of their academic training.
María Moreno Gran Vía II, 1990 Óleo sobre lienzo. 103 x 120 cm Colección privada.
María Moreno Jardín de Poniente, 2003 Óleo sobre lienzo. 140,5 x 147 cm Colección de la artista.
Amalia Avia Puerta del Sol, 1979 Óleo sobre tabla. 120 x 240 cm Colección AENA de arte contemporáneo.
Amalia Avia Filatelia Finarte, 1989 Óleo sobre tabla. 72 x 90 cm Colección privada.
Quintanilla_Ventana_GRND.jpg  Quintanilla_Costura_GRND.jpg
Left: Isabel Quintanilla Ventana, 1970 Óleo sobre tabla. 131 x 100 cm Galerie Brockstedt, Berlín/ Hamburgo. Right: Isabel Quintanilla Habitación de costura, 1974 Óleo sobre tabla. 100 x 82 cm Colección del artista.
María Moreno, Naturaleza muerta de la sandía, 1990 Óleo sobre lienzo. 107 x 114 cm Colección privada.
Alopez_Lavabo_GRND.jpg  FLopez_Ventana_GRND.jpg
Left: Antonio López Lavabo y espejo, 1967 Óleo sobre tabla. 98 x 83,5 cm Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Melvin Blake and Frank Purnell Collection. Right: Francisco López Ventana de noche, 1972 Lápiz sobre papel. 102 x 73 cm Colección Banco de España.

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