Barberini Museum Potsdam - Max Beckmann: The World as a Stage

Many paintings by Max Beckmann (1884–1950) show the world of the theater, circus, and music halls. Showmanship was a driving force behind his work. In his paintings, Beckmann modernized the baroque idea of the world as a stage.
In light of the artist’s experiences in World War I and the dramatic political developments on the world stage during his years in exile after 1937, Beckmann used his ‘world theater’ as a symbol for the catastrophic situation that prevailed at the time in world affairs. In Beckmann’s art, the metaphor of the world as a stage can be seen as a strategy that he used to confront the dramatic changes occurring around him. The painter transformed his images into a stage for his art. Max Beckmann: The World as a Stage is the first exhibition to focus on this theme, which was of major importance to the artist. It gives viewers new insight into one the most exceptional artists of the twentieth century.
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Start date: February 24, 2018
End date: June 10, 2018
Address: Humboldtstraße 5-6, 14467 Potsdam (see map below)

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