Picasso Museum - Arthur Cravan. Maintenant?

Adventurer as well as poet and boxer, ‘mystic Colossus’, towering figure, Fabian Avenarius Lloyd (1887-1918), assumed the pseudonym Arthur Cravan on arriving in Paris in 1909, he was a highly enigmatic man, a uniquely colourful character whose life merged into his work, and whose birth and death remain as obscure as his livelihood.
Cravan, nephew of Oscar Wilde, achieved fame through the non-conformist magazine Maintenant, of which he was director, editor and sole contributor. Not only as his mysterious background but also his behaviour and ‘sense of provocation’, Cravan is clearly entitled to a place among the key precursors of Dadaism. Surely the least of Cravan’s feats included entering the ring against a world champion in Barcelona, Jack Johnson, selling his poetry in the streets of Paris like a barrowboy hawking fruit and vegetables, and on numerous occasions giving active voice to his views under the imperious and imperative title: MAINTENANT?
Édouard Archinard Sculpture in a Park Oil on canvas. c.1914 Collection Marcel et David Fleiss. Cortesia Galerie 1900-2000, París
October 26, 2017 to January 28, 2018

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