PeriTechnon Karteris - Lisa Merlin Vasilatou: East and West

Born in Athens. She lives and works in Athens and Kefalonia. Attended classes in history of art given by the historian Elli Yotopoulou Sissilianou. Graduated in interior decoration from the center of applied art (1973-1975). Started painting with the painter Theodoros Drossos. Continued for another six years under the guidance of the painter Thanassis Stephopoulos (1986-1992). Her works can be found at the university of Athens art gallery, at the museum of the city of Athens, at George and Marie Vergottis foundation, at Lefas municipal gallery, at the American college art gallery, in the Garipis collection, in the Kangelaris collection and in many private collections in Grecce and abroad. She has taken part in many group and thematic exhibitions in Greece and Paris. She is a member of the chamber of fine arts of Greece.

Start date: May 24, 2018
End date: July 9, 2018
Address: Irodotou 5, Athens
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