Frissiras Museum - New Horizons of European Painting III: The Action of the Senses

Frissiras Museum, while completing the “New Horizons” trilogy, is outlining a spectrum of contemporary art suggestions, and is presenting exceptional artists from its collections. In the third and final part, entitled “The action of the senses”, the full range of human sensibility is being explored. Painting, as an ever means of knowledge and understanding of the world, is called to fulfill and enrich all five senses. The contemporary images of the exhibition, challenge the viewer, in order to make him discover hidden aspects of reality, filled with emotion. Participating Artists: Brandl Christian, Degrandschamps Marc, Feher Laszlo, Gernegross Falk, Guinazu Ruiz Cristina, Haack Simone, Howson Peter, Komu Riyaz, Lampe Katinka, Martinelli Andrea, Pasieka Simon, Rielly James, Schleime Cornelia, Shi Xiang, Smith Clive, Valls Dino, Wang JoJo, Veroucas Alexis, Vlazaki Sofia, Maratos Andreas, Bakiaj Alma, Baharas Nikitas, Beldekos Panayiotis, Daoulas Constantinos, Stamatiadi Daniella, Tzamouranis Dimitris.

can_signs_duration.JPG  From June 28, 2018 to December 7, 2018
can_signs_address.JPG  Monis Asteriou 3 & 7, Athina (see map below)
can_signs_metro.JPG  Acropoli or Syntagma

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