FoKiaNou Art Space - Chrysostomos Galathris: 9

Chrysostomos Galathris draws inspiration for the photos presented at his exhibition called "9 – Nine" from his personal experiences as he grew up in a town where the vestiges of a prosperous past were evident everywhere.  As a child he used to observe the old mansions and the tanneries that were falling apart, buildings ready to collapse and extinguish all those precious stories that were connected with them.
With this material, animate and inanimate, he has tried to record and recreate scenes from a past that makes clear references to the heyday of his hometown.  People from the past appear alive, unchanged, almost immortal, more memory than flesh, posing in places of ruin and abandonment.  The message that the artist wants to convey is that memory insists upon returning again and again, in the face of time, ruin and decadence.
Until October 28, 2017
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Address: Fokianou 24, 7th Floor, Athens 116 35
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