DL Gallery - Micha Cattaui: Antiquity 2.0

What if ancient Greek philosophers, gods, heroes, and artists came alive today? What would they say? How would we perceive them? How prophetic were their thoughts? How relevant are they for our world today?
The 21st century is the most interesting century of all the humankind’s history. Almost every section of human activity from politics to sciences has changed and improved significantly. Contemporary and modern artists have repeatedly used sculptures from antiquity as the starting point for their inspiration. One can only admire the quality and craftsmanship seen in antique art; often rivaled, mimicked, copied, but never equaled. With Micha’s new works, the artist bridges that sense of artistic perfection seen in Ancient Greece and merges it with our modern society of mass consumerism. The result is a collaboration and a conversation between three body of works; the sculpture, a “pop” photograph of the sculpture and a museum location shoot where the sculpture is imagined back into “context”. All three items, although based on the same sculpture, allows for a different political expression in each individual artwork.
Evil communications, 2018 acrylic UV printing 120 x 120 cm ed. 3 + 1a.p.
Natural Slavery, 2018 acrylic UV printing 80 x 80 cm each (diptych) ed. 3 + 1a.p.
Pathos-Genes, 2018 acrylic UV printing 120 x 120 cm ed. 3 + 1a.p.
Corrupting the youths, 2018 acrylic UV printing 120 x 120 cm ed. 3 + 1a.p.

Start date: May 18, 2018
End date: July 14, 2018
Address: 55A Mesologgiou str, Piraeus

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