Benaki Museum of Islamic Art - Nikos Kazantzakis the Eternal World-roamer: His “ORIENT”

The exhibition aims at depicting the contact of the Greek writer with the Oriental world, with the mystical atmosphere that accompanies it and the philosophical spirit that transpires it. Apart from his journeys to Egypt (where he meets C.P. Cavafy), Mount Sinai, China and Japan (as these are depicted in his travelling narratives), the exhibition also features for the first time the manuscripts of two fairytales he wrote (adaptations of the stories of the “Arabian Nights”) while it also detects the elements that connect the Cretan writer with the Oriental world theory. The archive and photographic material is granted by the Kazantzakis Museum and Kazantzakis Publications.

Start date: December 21, 2017
End date: February 25, 2018
Address: Asomaton 22 & Dipilou, Keramikos, Athens (see map below)
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