Alpha Delta Gallery - Mihael Milunovic

Mihael Milunovic’s work, which brings to mind the painting of the New Leipzig School (Neo Rauch, Matthias Weischer, Tim Eitel, etc.), is related with the climate of post-war Yugoslavia and the defeat of utopia.
Milunovic creates a deeply disquieting feeling that is more subterranean, an impression of a lurking threat. The manipulation of symbols as to make them unidentifiable (destroying their primary coalition function), the black holes and austere minimalist landscapes create a worrisome surreal universe. It is not a visceral scream, as in Ocampo’s work, but a disembodied and dehumanizing setting.
Mihael Milunovic, The Cell, 2018, oil on canvas, 140 X 210 cm

can_signs_duration.JPG  From September 12, 2018 to November 24, 2018
can_signs_address.JPG  3 Pallados st., 105 54 Athens (see map below)
can_signs_metro.JPG  Monastiraki

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